torstai 8. joulukuuta 2016

New Soy Wig Done


My First ever soy wig is done. I love the texture and it turned out pretty good, even the parting is ok. It's still shedding quite a bit but not too much. I have never done side parting like this with mohair.

keskiviikko 7. joulukuuta 2016

Hair and more hair.... Lot's of hair.

Hair, hair.. Lots of it and all kind of it.. I love the Red Auburn color of my mohair fibers.. It's just the fibers I don't like.. it's too much "all over" floating and frizzy style. Alpaca is so nice but it's also very expensive for testing and playing around. Although I have been thinking of buying raw alpaca and learning things from beginning.. wash, wash, rinse -style. But not about that now..

Now we have another kinda fibers. Plant fibers. Ramie, Bamboo and Soy. I don't have fabric dye at home now so and I had to start playing with these so I went for my hair dyes. LaRiche (Rubin and pastel pink) and KColormask pepper (my own favorite red)

Ramie - longest fibers but little coarse fiber. Takes hair colors very pastel. Even the LR Rubin in very dark it comes of pastel purple. It's nice tho.

Bamboo - Short fibers and little coarse fibers. Dyes very pastel too. Longer dye time maybe for these two..

Soy - Medium length fibers and so, so silky. (did get unbleached). Sucks up all hair colors so nicely and Fast.

Left - KcPepper on all 3 

Center - Swarskoffin Live Electric pink 

Right - Biozell rasberry

And then My Favorite color.. My own hair color.. I love this stuff and I had to try it on Soy bit (lot) more. Dream.. Super soft and silky hair and lovely shade of red. Unbleached soy so there might be some differences for bleached. Second rinse test and color did not bleed at all. I had to play more and make my first ever soy wig.. I love this stuff.. Longer wig than I thought.. not super long but nice length. Now I have to figure out how to get that Lovely Ginger Auburn color and lots of other colors 😜. And styles.


P.S. She is not having Boy Friend yet. Hubby said she is too young for boys 💑 So she is haveng sister early next year. Unoa Lusis girl.

Sunny Day pictures from My Girls

Sunny Day and Girls on my desk. I got new shelf on my desk and have been doing "glitter" stuff for storage. All done and desk cleaned and sunshine out side. Perfect time for some photo shooting with Girls. Aurora and Luna.

She poses so lovely in that shelf. I still love her hair color but the texture of this mohair in nightmare. It's too much "all over" kinda hair. More about hair stuff in next post.

tiistai 18. lokakuuta 2016

New Eyes

Long time from last post. We have done lots of things but haven't taken any photos.

Some how those 16 mm eyes were bothering me. Too big for her and even those were nice color they were little lifeless. So I ordered 14 mm eyes. So many lovely eyes to chose and it was hard to decide. I ended up with these Dark Blue Sparkling eyes. So far I like but if it looks that blue is not for her then I have eyes for her beau who will be black/dark brown hair boy. Eyes arrived to day and I have to say that it was Fast, I mean super Fast! I ordered Oct 13th and to day 18th I got the pack. And same seller, Chocolate Tsang in etsy has many, many lovely eyes.

 In this picture there are studio lights and 1/3 (ab.70 cm)boy.

Also my new pastels arrived so new eye brows for girl. Did not change the shape, only added some color. Full make up some other time.

For pictures to day.. well her hair is one hot mess. It's our "Just a hair"-do.

No eyes / Where is my brain?

 Old Eyes and new brows.

 New Eyes and new brows.

 And one more just to compare the light in her eyes. And the new eyes are so much better.

Like I said I had hard time to chose here eyes and for the top four in list. Almost got the green... then went for the Golden Brown.. oh those are so lovely.. Colder Icy Blue.. maybe later some time I get all of these =D

tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2016

Auroras Boy Friend and Buu

I think Aurora needs help with the little rascals.. So Boy friend is in order.. Maybe for Christmas or early next year. I thought about Elf Karsh and vamp boy or Seorin but no.. not good.. Kid Delf Yuz looks kinda good boy for Aurora.

 Kid Delf Boy Yuz (42,5 cm height)

 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Buu.. Oh My Buu... She is a Gem. And I'm superDuper Lucky to have her. She will be trade for me. I make MF clothing and 2 wigs for on Britt Lady and she gives Buu to me in exchange.

Buu is Dotories BeBe - Buu Cookie from MUdolls 19 cm tall Cutie.

LittleFees Bodys (Lot's of pictures)

The Body's of these little darlings. Pictures are from fairyland. Girl and boy has no other difference than the pelvis part. I think they pose very nice, cute Toddler poses.

Comparison Picture from Pinterest
I make my own later..
Minifee and LittleFee.